2 Best Smartphones You Can Buy in 2020

Honor 9x

With each passing year, things are changing at a rapid pace and you have to move the speed. In the case of smartphone brands, it’s time to upgrade your phone and get something new and innovative which would be different from others. Point is from where do you start and which platform would be a suitable choice. With amazing and unique features, mobile phones hitting the market all the time, the same is the situation in UAE markets and it can be hard to know which one would be perfect for you or me. You don’t need to get confused with the things irrelevant to the subject matter.

What you need related to smartphones, we are going to provide here in this article. For your ease, we have put together a complete list of features of the top two best-selling smartphones in UAE markets. From Huawei’s latest flagship with the help of its sister brand Honor to Samsung’s latest models, we have collected enough information. We’ve looked at all the best mobile phones in a thorough manner and selected two best smartphones that you can buy in 2019.

  • Honor 9X
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9

There is a number of options when we have a look at smartphone brands. Inline, a choice is available in terms of Apple models but can you buy it? This is the most relevant question for all of you. We all know that it is hard to buy an Apple phone from a middle-class user so why not a smartphone with all luxuries and affordable price range.

Coming towards our main topic, the Honor brand is one of the most special smartphone brands in terms of quality-price ratio. When we have a look at the best mobile phone 2020, for sure Honor 9X is at the top of the list according to the quality-price ratio formula. You can buy this phone in the UAE just only at the cost of AED 899 with versatile and amazing features. Three camera options having 48megapixels main camera and a 16megapixels selfie pop up camera. Besides this 4000mAH battery can make it more distinguished from other models. One cannot even think about such features in such a reasonable price range.

While on the other side Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a powerful and unique addition to the Note series. This model is manufactured with fast charging and fast wireless charging technology. Besides this, note 9 is equipped with a 4000 mAh battery which is something of a beast too.

When it comes to performance, the Galaxy Note 9 is efficient and speedy, but Honor 9X is not far bad too because the latest Kirin chip is amazing in use. The best camera lens, large screen size, and beautiful color schemes are some of the special specs that one could not afford but only with Honor 9X price filter.


Both Honor 9X and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are amazing phones but when it comes to quality-price ratio, we can firmly say that Honor 9X is better than the latter.

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